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Merchant Credit Card Processing Services


The Blue Grass Valley Bank provides payment processing for retailers, supermarkets, hospitality providers and small businesses. Our merchant services program will help you increase your sales, reduce check losses while increasing cash flow, expand your customer base, and provide a wide range of value-added and reduced-cost products and services.


We have partnered with Payment Express Systems (PES) to offer a rich, fully featured program that meets your present and future electronic transaction processing needs. PES is a complete service provider with their service partners; Sage, TSYS and Moneris.


Program Overview:

  • INCREASE SALES: accept all major credit cards and ATM/online debit cards — VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, Diners Club® and more.
  • GET PAID FASTER: access to sales proceeds within 2 business days.
  • Equipment upgrade, repair and deployment
  • For maximum protection against returned checks, Payment PES maintains links to a leading check acceptance company, Global e Telecom. Check truncation is also available.
  • Check conversion allows you to accept checks without the hassle and expense of paper handling and manual reconciliation for Check 21
  • For business to business transactions or government or military accounts, you can accept purchasing and commercial cards through your terminal or our robust virtual terminal.


Program Benefits:

  • The most competitive rates in the industry for credit card processing.
  • Eliminate phone calls and paperwork
  • Reduce payment time.
  • Reliable 24/7 customer service & tech support.
  • Optional online reporting — Secure 24/7 web-based transaction reporting
  • Sales directly deposited to your checking account within two business days.
  • No fee for converting existing equipment.
  • Free cost analysis of your current credit card program

Join the many merchants who enjoy the ease of processing with PES! Contact a Customer Service Representative at The Blue Grass Valley Bank to take advantage of this service and improve the efficiency of your business.


    Check Services

    Worried about accepting checks?  We can make it easy to accept checks. Whether it’s a check authorization you need, or state of the art electronic check processing, Blue Grass Valley Bank and Payment Express Systems can assist you in accepting checks more quickly and efficiently with the most comprehensive check authorization system in the industry.  Elec Check™ converts paper checks to electronic ACH transactions and reduces the cost of check acceptance.  You will be pleased with the benefits to your business.


    • Low cost check processing
    • Controlled check losses
    • Improved sales and profits
    • Reduced risk of fraud
    • Fast redeposit and availability of funds
    • Improved cash flow
    • Quality customer service
    • Higher percentage of checks accepted
    • Compatible equipment
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Customized programs

    Merchant Gift & Loyalty Card Program

    Our state-of-the-art gift card program empowers your business to replace traditional paper gift certificate programs with an electronic gift card solution — helping you reach your sales potential!

    • Premium-quality card production
    • In-store displays & merchandising
    • Secure, real-time transaction processing
    • Complete program activity reporting
    • 24/7 toll-free customer support

    Benefits of Implementing Electronic Gift Cards:

    Increased Income

    • Merchants report sales increases of 25% to 500% over paper gift certificates
    • Customers spend more with gift cards: 61% spend more than the value on the card

    Marketing Impact

    • Cards improve brand awareness and function as small “billboards” in customers’ wallets

    Management Tools

    • Cards may be used to issue store credit for all merchandise returns
    • Detailed reporting reduces fraud & eliminates burdensome manual accounting tasks