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Additional Bank Services

Cashier’s Checks


A Cashier’s Check is guaranteed by the bank, thus this form of check is considered more secure. The purchase of a Cashier’s Check must be by cash or check drawn off a Blue Grass Valley Bank account. The check is signed by a bank representative and requires a named payee. Cashier’s Checks are available to customers and non-customers.


* Cashier’s Check Fee: $2.00 per check


Money Orders


The funds for a Money Order must be prepaid in the form of cash or check drawn off a Blue Grass Valley Bank account; therefore it is a more trusted method of payment than a check. Money Orders must be signed by the purchaser. Money Orders are available to customers and non-customers.


* Personal Money Order Fee: $1.00 per check


Direct Deposit


This service offers you the choice of having your payroll or benefit payments deposited automatically into your Blue Grass Valley Bank checking or savings account. Set-up your direct deposit today for a simple, fast and secure way to receive your funds!


To begin payroll direct deposit you will need to provide your employer with our bank routing number and your account number.


To begin direct deposit for benefit payments, you will need to contact the agency issuing your benefits and provide them with our bank routing number and your account number. If you have any questions, please contact the bank and a Customer Service Representative will be glad to assist you.


Wire Transfers


A wire transfer is a quick, safe and reliable method to transfer funds from one bank account to another. We offer both incoming and outgoing wire transfer services to our Blue Grass Valley Bank customers. To arrange for a wire transfer, please contact a Customer Service Representative for further details and related fees.


Night Depository


We offer convenient night depository boxes at the Blue Grass and Monterey Offices for customers that cannot get to the bank during business hours. You can place your deposits, loan payments and other transactions in the bank’s night depository box. The box will be checked on the morning of the next business day, and any transactions are processed with that day’s work.

Stop Payments


You may request a stop payment be placed on a check written on your account, which has not already been accepted by The Blue Grass Valley Bank for processing. Once the stop payment order is in effect, the payee will not get any money and the funds will not be deducted from your account. A stop payment may be requested in-person or by phone; however, the stop payment order must be signed within fourteen (14) days or it will be released. When confirmed in writing, a stop payment order is effective for six (6) months and will expire automatically at that time unless it is renewed in writing prior to the expiration. The bank cannot be held liable for items that are cashed or paid within one full business day of this request.


* Stop Payment Fee: $10.00 per check


Please call a Customer Service Representative or visit the Monterey or Blue Grass Offices to make a stop payment request. You must provide the following information to place a stop payment on a check:


1) Account Number (Account from which the check was written)

2) Check Number

3) Check Date (Date written on the check)

4) Check Amount (Exact check amount, including dollars and cents)

5) Name of Payee

6) Name of Account holder that signed the check

7) Reason for the stop payment


Notary Services


We offer notary services at both our Blue Grass and Monterey Offices at no charge. Please call in advance of your visit to assure availability of a Notary Public.


Please bring photo identification with you, such as a valid Driver’s License.


DO NOT sign your document in advance. All documents to be notarized must be signed in the presence of a notary.