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How to Enroll in Bill Pay-e Plus

Are you an Online Banking customer at The Blue Grass Valley Bank with an active checking account? If so, you are eligible to enroll in Bill Pay-e Plus!

Simply login to your Online Banking account and click on the “Bill Pay” tab. Your personal information will be pre-filled. After verifying that all of the information is correct, click “Submit”.

You will be required to choose 4 (four) challenge questions and answers that will be used to confirm your identity during certain Bill Pay transactions.

You will also need to create a security key that will display with each Bill Pay login, which will signify you are on your authentic Bill Pay site.

After you have read and accepted the Bill Pay Terms, Conditions and Agreement, click “Submit”.

Then, your enrollment process is complete!

Following your enrollment, you will receive an email from The Blue Grass Valley Bank with information to help you get started making payments and managing your bills online.