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Discover the Benefits
of Online Banking

Online Banking
Access your accounts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Online Banking at The Blue Grass Valley Bank! This service is secure, easy to use and allows you to manage your accounts online at your convenience.



View Account Balances

View Loan Details

View Transaction History on Accounts

View and Print Check and Deposit Images

Transfer Funds Between Accounts

Make Loan Payments

Set-up Automatic E-mail Alerts

Request a Change of Address

Easy Access to Help Topics


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Online Statements


Now you can have convenient access to your checking, savings and money market account statements whenever you want!  Rather than waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail, Online Statements make it easy to get your statement as soon as it becomes available.  Sign up for this service under the “Statements” tab of your Online Banking account.  When your statement is ready for viewing, The Blue Grass Valley Bank will notify you through e-mail.  Then, you can login to your Online Banking account to download your statement.




  Fast and Secure Access to Statements

  View, Print, or Save Your Statements Anytime

  Up to 13 Months Worth of Statements Stored Online

  Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Paper Statements

  Receive E-mail Notification when New Statement is Available

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How much will YOU save with Online Bill Payer?
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Online Bill Pay

Bill Pay-e Plus is a service that allows you to pay virtually any individual or company through your Online Banking account.  You can pay anyone online that you pay today by check including utilities, cable bills, credit cards, landlord, babysitter or any payee with a mailing address within the United States.  To make a payment, simply select the payee, enter the amount and the process date and submit the payment.  The majority of payments are delivered electronically; all other payments are made by paper checks that are mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.  You can pay bills, set-up recurring payments and transfer funds all through your Online Banking account at The Blue Grass Valley Bank.  Login to your Online Banking account and click on the “Bill Pay” tab to get started!



  Save Time by Scheduling to Pay Your Bills Automatically

  Save Money on Postage and Checks

  Schedule Payments in Advance when you Travel

  Access Payment History Online

  Set-up e-Notifications and Reminders

  Video Tutorials on Multiple Functions

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Watch this brief demo to see how easy it is to use Bill Pay!
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