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The Blue Grass Valley Bank provides a variety of services and products to assist our customers both personally and professionally. 


Whether you are opening a joint Checking Account with your husband or wife, starting a Savings Account for a child’s college education, or getting a Small Business Loan to start your new business, let the staff at The Blue Grass Valley Bank assist you in all the milestones of life… and everything in between! 


We all know the holidays are a hectic time where money seems to slip out of our wallets faster than we can replace it. Why not cushion the blow with a Christmas Club Account that will allow you to save as little or as much, here and there? Then you can say “Bye-Bye” to that holiday money stress! Now if you can just find someone to wrap those presents… 


But what if one of those presents is a collection of rare coins or heirlooms from your grandmother? Or maybe you just bought a new car and you want to store the title in a safe place? The Blue Grass Valley Bank offers Safe Deposit Boxes in three different sizes for all your storage needs. 


Above all, our top priority is service. Our friendly staff is always ready and willing to answer your questions or provide assistance to help you reach your financial goals.

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